Seaways Engineering International:

Partner of choice for all your off-shore applications

Our company can boast the most innovative and practical solutions to all your off-shore problems. We are proud of the uncompromising quality of services and solutions we provide. Placing customers’ needs first in everything we do, we continue to grow rapidly as the industry leader.

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Our core values

  • Simplicyty

    Economy of design: At the core of a functional, cost effective design is simplicity. Uncessesary complexity leads to cost overruns and risk of a non-functional product.

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  • Scalability

    Versatility of design: At the core of good engineering is a versatile design that scales with all possible tasks. Design once, build many!

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  • Safety

    Advanced Design: When lives and the environment is at stake there is no compromise.

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Why Seaways?

The Basis of our Multi Purpose Semi Submersible Design

Economy of Design

Shipyard Compliant Construction

  • Flat panels
  • Modules
  • Simple welding - Enables Semi automatic welding technology
  • No special training or recertification
  • Suitable for third world countries
  • Mild steel construction
  • Thermal spray aluminums for complete corrosion protection
  • Lloyds, DNV and ABS approved

Semi-automatic Welding

  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Lowes Cost
  • Industry Standard
  • Accessible Right Angle Joints
  • Low Stresses

Shipyard compliant Assembly

  • Modular Assembly
  • Complete Dry Dock construction
  • Float over Assembly
  • Construction time: 14 months from placement of order


The MPSS ring pontoon, columns and deck structure are for buoyancy and stability.

Outfitting spaces in the superstructure makes it more expensive to construct and difficult to service. If required, outfitting can take place prior to assembly.

Right Size your MPSS

Low Cost Enables the Right Size

  • No Constraints on Deck Size
  • Clear Segregation of Living Quarters for safety
  • Simple Skid-On outfiting
  • Float over assembly of deck
  • Complete Wet or Dry Dock construction
  • Highly Modular

Advanced Design

Operational Stability

  • Excellent Flooding damage capability
  • Incapable of capsizing due to broken moorings
  • Model tested to withstand Extreme “storm” 37.5m Steep fronted waves
  • Watertight subdivision renders MPSS uncapsizable due to massive reserve buoyancy

Structural Integrity

  • Low Stresses
  • Fatigue excellent
  • SCF less than most semi-subs
  • Excellent structural continuity
  • NO braces, NO complex welds
  • Excellent reserve strength

Operational Advantages

  • Easy installation on Catenary Moorings
  • Simple ballasting & deballasting with Low Pressure Air
  • Simple & Safe trimming (as used on Ferries)
  • Easily maintained
  • Low operating costs with Small operating crew
  • Easily relocated
  • Deployable in unlimited depths
  • No constraints on deck outfitting