What is Seaways Solution?

NESSIE/D (Patent Pending)

  • Floating Dock simplicity
  • Topsides removal
  • Jacket lifted and rotated under water
  • Transit and deposit in drydock
  • Refurbish and transit to new site
  • New build installation


  • One piece removal-no weight or size limits
  • Fast build in shipyards
  • Low-cost flat steel plate
  • Safe under water rotation of jacket
  • Zero heave – no complex motion compensation equipment
  • Proven conventional technology
  • Simple
  • Reversible lift
  • Modular (adjustable size)
  • Seawater ballasting
  • Air De-ballasting of Jacket for Neutral Buoyancy

Market Opportunities

Need for DecommiSsioning?

  • Reservoirs becoming inefficient i.e. takes more resource and planning to extract oil/gas, increasing production costs
  • Assets are now aging and subject to increased maintenance activities and spending
  • Pose longer term risk to the environment if left in place
  • OSPAR Convention prevents discharging to the sea – reefing not an option
  • London Dumping Convention prevents use of sea as disposal facility
  • Potential for re-use elsewhere – Brent Spar used as part of Stavanger Harbour
  • Application of the waste hierarchy – recycling and recovery

Driver for DecommiSsioning?

  • Legal obligations to remove structures e.g. OSPAR
  • Moral obligations to restore environment, and prevent unnecessary discharges into the marine environment
  • Risk management


UK / North Sea

  • Almost 600 platforms of 4 main types
  • Can be divided into topside and subsea decommisioning
  • Funds are available for this work
  • USA / Gulf of Mexico

    • ~3,800 removals in the Gulf of Mexico
    • Funds are available for this work
    • 27 removals off the coast of California

Why Seaways Engineering International?

Decades of Maritime Engineering Experience

  • Inventors of MPSS-ring pontoon semis
  • Conoco Belanak FPSO/Marine Systems
  • Inventors of Conoco Hutton TLP Mooring
  • Inventors of Apache Reelship
  • Hughes Glomar Explorer
  • Texaco Galley – FPV North Sea
  • Alcoa Seaprobe/Woods Hole
  • Alcoa Midwife Recovery Vessel
  • Advanced Pipeline Plough Handling System